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Sagrad, Inc. provides world class contract manufacturing for electronic systems.

Sagrad, Inc. Quality


Sagrad, Inc. is committed to providing world class quality in our contract manufacturing by combining our engineering, contract manufacturing and test development teams all in house. Sagrad, Inc. has implemented an ongoing improvement process to provide defect-free product and services that satisfy the requirements of our customers.


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  • Currently servicing commercial, government, automotive and medical markets
  • Worldwide manufacturing capabilities
    supported in US and Asia
  • State of the art equipment
  • Prototype design to mass production
  • Placement capacity of 800,000 parts per day
  • Ball Grid Array (0.5 mm pitch)AOI.small
  • Capable of placing 0402 & 0201 components
  • Inline automated optical inspection
  • Mixed technology (SMT/thru hole)
  • RoHS and lead processing
  • Electronic barcode scanning system to ensure high QC



  • New product introduction team (NPI)
  • Aggressive designs rules
  • Complex advanced  IC packages
  • Highly experience production work force
  • Staff include experienced RF engineers
  • Support for high frequency RF applications
  • Very high quality metrics


Key Services

  • Complete turnkey solutions available
  • Mechanical assembly/box and subassembly builds
  • Customer bonded stock area
  • Worldwide shipping
  • RoHS product certification service
  • Warranty/repair
  • Depot repair


Sagrad, Inc.'s staff has a successful record with  some of the worlds largest companies in the most demanding markets.

Our engineering teams have designed product for the worlds largest companies, our test and manufacturing team have assisted the worlds largest contract manufacturers build product for the worlds largest consumer markets. This rare advanced team is available domestically for your product.

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We have a Brief customer demo of our high speed placement capabilities.


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