AFTU Product Qualification


Sagrad has worked for four years collaborating with NASA, the Air Force, DARPA and the FAA to develop our first multipurpose AFTU which is now in flight qualification.


We are pleased to report that Sagrad’s AFTU Qualification testing is now complete and data reports have been signed by our Air Force, FAA and NASA range representatives. We are very proud of this accomplishment and thankful to all who have supported us through this effort. There are still a few details to attend to such as RCC 319 Tailoring, but we have been told the units will now be considered qualified.

Fully operational Flights Successful

Today, we’re also very excited to announce that several flights with an active AFTU have been successfully launched. While we cannot provide details of the flights, we can report that the launches and AFTU performance were successful. Sagrad has flown units on over 15 flights on multiple vehicles and built over 50 units during the development and production phases of the project.

Thank you!

Next Steps

Sagrad is ready to enable future government and commercial objectives/missions with this new technology. AFSS hardware can now be supported with our newly qualified AFTU product and we are pushing forward with more advanced units which will significantly improve weight, size, flightsafety and flight assurance. We invite participation from the industry in defining the next iterations.

We will also be supporting the certification of NASAs software for upcoming missions. Please check back for more information as we move forward.

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