AFTU Product Qualification

Current (Q4 2019) qualification testing update

Sagrad has worked for four years collaborating with NASA, the Air Force, DARPA and the FAA to develop our first multipurpose AFTU which is now in flight qualification.


On October 11, 2019, we reported that the final Internal Inspection of three of the four qualification units has been completed. These inspections were performed by opening each unit and performing visual evaluation of the housings, connectors, and circuit boards. Overall the inspections revealed no visual or mechanical issues - the test articles held up well through the comprehensive qualification testing regime. The fourth unit is undergoing a full disassembly in order to perform a comprehensive inspection of both sides of all circuit boards which is still in process. We will provide another update once this is complete.

Initial qualification testing was completed in late-2018. Technical performance through the test sequence revealed no performance issues.

Final inspection uncovered a mechanical issue isolated to one specific component – a through-hole capacitor. We have chosen to improve the design with an appropriate surface-mount capacitor, with no other changes to the current design. This improved board design will be part of a new series of qualification tests; there is high confidence in the successful completion of this qualification based on the success of the initial qualification.

The re-qualification effort began in mid-Q2 2019 and has remained close to the original schedule. Completion of qualification is anticipated in early Q4 2019.


The qualification testing sequence includes:

  • Full Performance Verification
  • Transportation & Bench Handling Shock
  • Transportation Random Vibration
  • Thermal Cycle
  • Temp/Humidity/Altitude
  • Shock
  • Sinusoidal and Random Vibration
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Repetitive Function
  • Circuit Protection


Flight Qualification Testing of 4 NASA/Sagrad AFTU test articles is currently in progress. Milestones are shown here with anticipated completion dates in parentheses:

Acceptance Testing complete

Transportation & Bench Handling Shock complete

Transportation Random Vibration complete

Thermal Cycle (24-cycles) complete

Temperature / Humidity / Altitude tests complete.

Shock and Vibration tests complete

Electromagnetic Interference tests now complete

Repetitive Function tests completed

Circuit Protection tests completed

Final Full Functional Test completed

Internal Inspection - Three of the four units are complete. The fourth unit is undergoing full disassembly/inspection now.

For more details on next steps, please see our Qualification Q&A.

Qualification testing completion anticipated in Q4 of 2019

First operational flight anticipated in Q1 2020

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