Rapid Prototypes

Sagrad, Inc. has the ability to create prototypes of systems we have designed. This service allows Sagrad to remain in control of the project from the top downproductionline and allows immediate feedback on the implementation. This service is preferred for our projects because it allows the designers to review the first implementation. Deliverables at this stage are schematics, layout files and a performance evaluations review.


We typically include a detailed subcircuit performance review. The first implementation often uncovers unexpected integration issues which must be addressed in the second pass design. Typically, Sagrad, Inc. works in parallel with the customer reviewing the product performance and exchanging information. Customer involvement at the evaluation stage allows a good transfer of information back to the customer on expected performance and any design issues that are found. This flow of information is very useful for the sustaining engineering team and is seen as an optimal entry point for their involvement.


On some occasions customers elect to take over the second pass spin where all the first pass bugs are addressed. At this point Sagrad, Inc. will transfer the compliance matrix (specification and compliance data) and allow the customer to continue development with our oversight. This is seen as optimal and prepares the customer for the sustaining engineering required during production. Sagrad is typically on hand for questions and available at key product reviews.


Sagrad typically remains involved through production testing. Reviewing data and providing feedback to the teams as the product goes through pre-production and finally production.


Sagrad, Inc. can be involved in problem analysis for products in production


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