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Demo of Sagrad Logo on 4796L High Speed Chipshooter


Sagrad has created a demo of in house production capabilities showing 1200 placements of 0402 components in the shape of our logo. The entire placement sequence is captured on video. The demo shows capacitors placed on a white media with no solder paste to ensure the camera shows the operation well.


The machine places components at a rate of 10 per second.  You can see the board moving around as the 16 heads drop components onto the board. Each component is picked up on the back side of the spinning turret (not shown), visioned for inspection on the way to the front and then placed onto the board.  The camera shows the placement onto the board.


The final output is shown below. The array of 0201 components can be seen in the shape of our logo.



Link here 


If you desire to have your company logo built using this method please inquire at the general inquiry.