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Wi-Fi integration and support is a complicated process. Sagrad endeavors to ensure customers have access to as much source code as possible to enable support mechanisms through their own control for years to come. Sagrad’s SG901-1091 and SG901-1098 modules have Wi-Fi stack source code available in both licensed and unlicensed forms. The unlicensed form is provided in binary. All versions are free, however, the licensed version requires approval. Sagrad is able to provide the source code directly for these modules after approval from ST-E.


The first step is to obtain a Questionnaire from Sagrad, Inc. by using the online support request web form found in the Contact Us section. 


After the Questionnaire is filled out, submit it by email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . which will then be reviewed by Sagrad and ST-E. Once approved, a Software License Agreement (SLA) will be provided to the customer.  The SLA can not be modified by the customer without considerable delays and approval by the IC manufacturer; clarfications can be obtained from Sagrad.


Next, the customer must execute the Agreement and return it to Sagrad. Sagrad will submit the paperwork for accelerated approval within the company.  After approval,  Sagrad will directly email the customer the source code. This service is available free of charge.


Modules are not priced with support built in - as it is unknown who will require support and who won't. While many customers can support the products themselves, or choose to seek out knowledgeable consultants and support staff, some find the breadth of technology required to successfully integrate and support Wi-Fi too large for the timelines allowed.  Sagrad's support team has extensive technical  experience  and a proven track record of supporting tier one customer integration.  For a fee, customer module support can be provided to ensure successful customer integration, however, Sagrad has limited support staff and may not support every project submitted.




Quick list of steps for closed source code.

  1. Contact Sagrad and obtain Questionnaire
  2. Sagrad to review questionnaire, suggest best product, and discuss project
  3. If approved, SLA is provided to customer for review and approval
  4. Customer provides Sagrad with completed agreement
  5. Sagrad provides fast track approval of agreement
  6. Customer obtains access to software directly from Sagrad