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Product name : Intelligent Wi-Fi Module
Part Number: SG901-1203

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SG901-1203 Module

The SG901-1203 is an 802.11b/g/n WLAN module including an integrated 802.11 Wi-Fi radio and microcontroller for easy integration of 802.11 into existing and new products.  

The SG901-1203 includes a single-chip 802.11 transceiver, 32-bit microcontroller, flash and RAM. The module also includes a micro 2.45GHz ISM Band antenna. The module implements all levels of the 802.11 and TCP/IP Stack.

Sagrad's Intelligent Wi-Fi Module, when coupled with even a simple 8-bit microcontroller, can enable an application to easily interface with the ubiquitous Wi-Fi network and bring data and control from the cloud to deeply embedded applications.

  - 802.11 b/g/n with encryption supporting 2.4 GHz band

    (utilizing an ST-Ericsson CW1100 transceiver and

    STMicroelectronics STM32 processor)

  - Complete Wi-Fi Stack

  - Integrated antenna (or connector for external antenna)

  - Small Footprint (13.2 x 27mm)

  - Ultra Low Power with power save and power management

  - Simple AT Command Set for interface to host processor

  - FCC/ETSI pre-certified with shield

  - Commercial or Industrial Temperature Range

Sagrad will extend the Intelligent Family of Wi-Fi Modules to include an 802.11a/b/g/n dual band operating at 5GHz in Q-3 2012 (utilizing an ST-Ericsson CW1200 transceiver and STMicroelectronic's STM32 processor)

The on board 802.11 radio conforms to the IEEE 802.11 protocols operating in the 2.45GHz ISM frequency band supporting OFDM data rates from 6 to 65Mbps. It also supports CCK and legacy rates from 1 to 11Mbps.


The Module is housed in a 28-pin LGA. No external timing clocks or voltage regulators are required.


In addition to standard UART serial communications interfaces up to 2Mbps, a future software upgrade will offer SPI, I2C and I2S support.


The system is shipped running the Sagrad IWM OS ready for customer use.

Below is a photo of the EVK for the SG901-1203

SG901-1203 EVK

List of available documentation Suppoting the SG901-1203

icon SG901-1203 Datasheet (556.94 kB)
icon SG901-1203 Evaluation Kit Datasheet (Doc#SG923-0011) (364.59 kB)
icon SG901-1203 EVK Users Guide (Doc#SG922-0006) (281.8 kB)
icon SG901-1203 AT Command Set (Doc#SG922-0007) (462.57 kB)
icon SG901-1203 Firmware Update Procedure (Doc#SG922-0008) (170.02 kB)

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