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Software Engineer

Immediate opening for Software Engineer at a high paced, high tech Melbourne company. Exciting position creating and supporting deeply embedded systems designed for the internet of things with a special focus on Wi-Fi. Additional opportunities to work with Linux drivers for Wi-Fi and development of non-Wi-Fi communications systems. Other product development opportunities in the areas of microcontroller-based systems and general low-level client/server design and development.

The ideal candidate has 4+ years in development using C, plus experience writing device drivers for Linux and RTOSes, board support packages, and production testing. Android, Shell, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript skills a plus. . Interviews start when qualified resumes received.

Job description for software engineer @ sagrad

  • Create/Maintain Board Support Packages (BSPs), including Linux kernel and bootloader customization

  • Add functionality to deeply embedded systems

  • Create/Maintain low-level client-server networked applications

  • Create/Maintain deeply-embedded microcontroller applications

  • Design/Architect/Implement software and systems based on customer requirements

  • Generate quotes and estimates based on customer inquiries

  • Support existing customers as needed

  • Support Sales staff to obtain new business

  • Design/Implement production testing software

  • Design/Implement software development processes and procedures

  • Design/Implement/Maintain software for internal business needs

  • Create/Maintain Linux 802.11/WiFi device drivers

The ideal candidate:

  • Extremely comfortable doing low-level programming in C (not C++)

  • Extensive experience developing Linux device drivers

  • Experience with developing RTOS systems

  • Extensive experience with WiFi/802.11

  • Familiar with Shell, Perl, Python, PHP. and SQL.

  • Familiar with System design methods

  • Experience working in limit memory systems

  • Experience working with customers

  • Comfortable in a fast pace high tech environment.

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