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Sagrad, Inc. – Business Overview 2011


Engineering Services:
The Sagrad Engineering Team is comprised of some of the industry’s most widely recognized and respected RF, software, and digital engineers. They are credited with being former members of the original Wi-Fi technology development of the 1990’s and have a proven track record of new product development for over the last five years. We believe our team has successfully enabled over $50 Million in sales for other companies through products we have developed for our customers during that entire time.


Contract Manufacturing:
Sagrad has invested substantial resources in the last two years and remains committed to supporting the company with EMS services. These services provide in-house capabilities for rapid prototypes and in -house production of low volume products for vertical markets, as well as products that have domestic production requirements. Sagrad has a documented strong record of high quality with very few returns under warranty.

Sagrad consistently delivers quality products to several government customers as well as commercial ones. Our products are used in both the military and medical markets.

Our in-house capability is also used as a launching pad for high volume production in Asia and allows for a more informed design team by fostering honest, frank, and timely discussions between production and engineering teams. Ultimately, these relationships improve our products by ensuring the best possible engineering practices are used and test/production issues are resolved before transition to Asia occurs.

Sagrad HK, Inc is our sister company located in Hong Kong which manages and supports very high volume production. Typical transition to high volume is very quick and advantageous due to our successfully refined processes.


Sagrad has been designing Wi-Fi modules for over five years and has found a strong market for its products in low, mid, and even some high volume applications. IC vendors are not able to support mass market integration customers and are limited to focusing only on a few key customers. Wi-Fi has been successfully integrated into cell phones, laptops, access points, printers, and gaming consoles but little else - this being due to the technical challenges related to the complex nature of 802.11 standards, embedded, RF design, digital design, antenna integration and regulatory testing. Sagrad solves all of these integration issues with a well positioned, complete solution for easy customer integration. The demand for wireless connectivity in vertical markets is very strong and yet there is little support in the market place.

Sagrad has won successful accounts in industrial controls, point-of-sale terminals, and medical markets. Sales cycles are long, however, Sagrad is launching volume customers in Q3/Q4 and Q1, 2012. The major growth in Sagrad sales will come from future Wi-Fi and other wireless modules. Demand from volume customers continues to be very strong. Sagrad distribution and sales rep partners are bringing in increasing demand during these harder economic times. Consistent design wins will only further increase our position.


Non Wi-Fi Products:
Sagrad provides 8 channel audio transmitters with key features that are desirable for rack mounted professional installations. The markets have found an ideal use for these transmitters in the restaurant and entertainment venues where customers desire to listen to audio matching up to their selection of video content. This service allows customer to hear the video of their choice at their table and often retains customers in the venue longer, increasing company sales. Large, popular restaurant chains are adopting these products at an aggressive rate. We have found increased sales in the 2nd half of 2009 that resulted in substantial sales in this market and will increase as those restaurant sales continue to climb.

Sagrad is working with key partners to launch this product world wide by providing specialty receivers and transmitters designed for most cellular frequencies. These products are combined with a software defined radio for applications by the government. These systems support most all cellular standards currently used all over the world. Sagrad continues to expand their offering and values key customer relationships in this product area.



Origins of Our Name:
Sagrad is a short form of the combination of the Latin word Sagax and English word Radical. "Sag" from Sagax (Intelligent) and "Rad" from Radical (roots of an equation). The closest thing I can find in a modern dictionary is Sagacious and Radical. Loosely, it translates to "Intelligent Roots" or "Intelligent Fundamentals". It took about two weeks to find a short name we liked, with an available website and state company listing. It was quite a task! We hope to drive our business, and hire the best staff by using the most intelligent means possible and thought this name fit with our long-term strategy.