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Note: This product is derived from 1800MHz version and requires some NRE engineering work before it can be made available


This product is a phased array covering 2400MHz. The output power at p1dB is a verypred large 26Watts EIRP. The phased array is electronically steerable and can change direction in 100nS. The unit can be controlled via an ethernet port or a very fast 8bit parallel control for integration into an exhisting system. The system has been engineered to support 802.11B/G but any signal in the 2.4GHz band is supported. Front end filtering and PA optimization will be require for any range outside of 2400MHZ +/- 100MHZ. A software upgrade is planned allowing for null steering to null out jammers. This product is currently under development. Please see the following links for advanced details.

The Sister project is the 1800MHz unit

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