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Note: This performance kit is no longer available.  Please consider purchasing the specific EVK designed for each WiFi Radio Module.

SG923-0002 PC-16/SPI Performance Eval Kit

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iconSG923-0002 PC-16/SPI Performance Eval Kit Datasheet (Doc# SG914-0009) (1.34 MB)

iconSG923-0002 PC16/ SPI Performance Eval Kit Product Brief (411.35 kB)


The purpose of this eval kit is to allow instant performance

Eval Kit

evaluations. The kit provides an easy way to plug modules into a laptop Cardbus 32 (PCMCIA) interface.  The kit includes windows XP drivers.  Installation time is very short and immediate performance and software evaluation can begin.  We suggest customers begin with this kit and then progress to the software eval kit only when software integration begins.

No software license is required for this kit. The XP driver is provided with the eval board.


This kit is shipped with:

  • Chimera Wi-Fi module (Diamondback on carrier board)
  • Extender card
  • PCMCIA board to SPI interface board
  • SPI to Wi-Fi inteface board
  • Instructions
  • Antenna
  • CD with drivers for XP
  • Datasheets for the module and Eval kit

This kit is compatable with the following modules:

  • Diamondback
  • Chimera
  • Coral
  • Copperhead
  • Indigo


Eval Kit FAQ.


This kit provides a simple path to install the module in the PCMCIA slot of a common laptop with a windows XP driver.  Radio performance evaluations can instantaneously be performed.

While a SDIO connector is available on this kit, it is not recommended for customer use. Only the Cardbus 32 interface is supported by Sagrad at this time.

As it is generally expected, the software integration kit will be better suited for integration with a micro processor eval kit.


The general steps for integration are as follows:

1.   Performance evaluation

2.   Software integration

3.   Hardware integration with Sagrad Module

4.   Production in volume

5.   Initial evaluation on cost/benefit of integrated solution by customer using IC

6.   Production test plan

7.   Regulator compliance test plan

8.   802.11 Compliance test plan

9.   Production calibration test plan

10.  Initial production run and evaluation

11.  Production data review

12.  Production release