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iconSG923-0003 SDIO-SPI Embedded Software Eval Kit Datasheet (Doc#SG-0010) (1.48 MB)

iconSG923-0003 SDIO-SPI Embedded Software Eval Kit Product Brief (417.79 kB)


This kit is expected to be used during Phase 2 of the evaluation where an interested party uses a micro processor evaluation kit combined with this WiFi evaluation kit to complete evaluation of the IC/module with the host processor. This is a very important step and should not be skipped.



This kit includes three interface boards to insure your system will easily integrate with the module.


Licensed software for this Eval kit requires a software license agreement.  GPL software is available from this website for development.  Mission critical applications should plan to use the licensed software.



This evaluation kit provides SDIO and SPI interfaces for simple integration into almost any host system. Sagrad encourages the SPI interface for lowest power operation, least amount of software integration and most robust host interface. It is important to remember the host must support a single IRQ as well as a high performance DMA for this to work properly. Many host processors have been integrated with this WiFi technology.



STLC 4560 works best at 1.8V on the SDIO interface. This is due to a reliability concern at higher voltages. The part will work fine for many months at 3.3V on the VHIO and tolerate the 3.3V input. However, Sagrad requires a level shifter for any SDIO interface not yet implementing the 1.8V standard interface. Please see our documentation on this topic for more detail.

Please be sure to review the software requirements.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • CD with datasheets (Software NOT included)
  • Chimera Wi-Fi module (Diamondback on carrier board)
  • Antenna
  • Inter-poser boards (sleep clock, level translation options,  power conditioning, connector) 
    • SPI to SPI board
    • SPI to SPI with level shifting allows 5V operation
    • SDIO to SPI interface

Software options are available in licensed form for one of the most tested longest existing software stacks in the world. This is provided free of charge but requires a software license agreement.

GPL Software Stack works with these modules.

Contact Sagrad about software support and our third party support available world wide.

As it is generally expected, the software integration kit will be better suited for integration with a micro processor evaluation kit.


The general steps for integration are.as follows:

1. Performance evaluation

2. Software integration

3. Hardware integration with Sagrad Module

4. Production in volume

5. Initial evaluation on cost/benefit of integrated solution by customer using IC

6. Production test plan

7. Regulator compliance test plan

8. 802.11 Compliance test plan

9. Production calibration test plan

10. Initial production run and evaluation

11. Production data review

12. Production release