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Sagrad, Inc.'s world class design team has expertise in RF, mixed signal (ADC/DAC), analog, power supply, complete digital systems, software, system design, complex RF systems and power amplifiers. Sagrad, Inc.'s team has experience designing products that range from customized complex government systems to extremely high volume production by the world's largest contract manufacturers. Sagrad has a leading team in all phases of product development including contract manufacturing.

Sagrad, Inc.'s capability to design and build prototypes in house rapidly enables a faster time to production allowing our customers to increase revenues faster. By owning all phases of the design, production and test, Sagrad, Inc. takes responsibility for the entire product allowing our customers to focus on what they do best.


Sagrad, Inc. is accepting new projects and is available to quickly respond to your RFQ.   Please contact us via our corporate number and ask for Engineering Sales or email using the tools provided here for immediate quote response.



· Extensive RF/Analog and digital design experience

Small PA Example Project

· Broad experience with designing of FM, Audio, CDMA, OFDM, Spread Spectrum, Zigbee, BT,  GPS, WiFi, Power Amplifiers, GSM/UMTS Base Stations, Phased Arrays, High Speed ADC, FPGA, TDOA, and AOA Systems.

· System Architecture Design and System Simulation of RF, Digital, DC Power, and Audio

· Complex FPGA Design Capability

· SW and FW Architecture, Code Development and Debug

· Embedded Software Development of 8- 32 bit ARM, Microchip and Atmel Processors

· Windows, WinCE, and Linux Networking SW Development

· ASIC’s and Custom ICs System Design


· Complex Designs for DoD Customers

· Turn Key Design Capability (from System Specs to Hardware, SW, and System Validation)

· Design for High Volume Production (10 Mil/month)

· Schematic Capture and Printed Circuit Board Layout

· Test Fixture Design

· Test Systems Development (Hardware)

· Third Party Design Evaluation Analysis for DFT and DFM

· EMI and EMC Third Party Support


· Antennas

· Phased Arrayskingsnake.top.small


· OFDM, MIMO, Quadrature Multiplexing

· SatCom



· High Power RF PA’s


· Satellite Receiver System

· Quad High Performance Digitizer

· GPS Timing Device

· Custom WiFi System

· 800MHz Receivers

· Spread Spectrum RX System

· Small WiFi Motion Sensor

· CDMA 450MHz RX/TX System

· UMTS Band 1 and 4 RX/TX System

· RDS Receiver

· APCO P25 IC System Design45 degree


· RF test lab

· Screen room

· RF test equipment

· VSA/Spec A/Network A

· Shielded boxes

· Production RF test

· Antenna Testing Range

Sagrad, Inc. has a long history of successful product development. Below are photos of a few sample products our staff have developed. These include a 10 watt 2.3GHz power amplifier for rocket health and status. Custom anti-jamming spread spectrum communication systems. 8 Channel wireless speaker system. 800MHz Public safety receiver designedfor use in a TDOA system. UMTS basestation equipment. WiFi modules, CDMA base station receivers, and antenna systems for security systems.

Sagrad, Inc. can complete the entire project from initial concept, requirements definition, prototypes, pre-production and high volume
picture 019
production. We have experience in RF, digital, and analog design as well as software.
Below is a photo of our US based prototype production line.


Sagrad, Inc. has Rapid Prototyping Services Available

Technical Oversight

Sagrad, Inc.'s experience in technical oversight includes performing technical reviews of projects as the sole technical lead and as augmenting in house capabilities. We strive to insure that the technical issues are well understood, a clear plan for resolution is in place and the plans are effectively executed.

In addition, we have experience as the tactical lead on specific problem resolution. In this roll we coordinate multidisciplinary teams to resolve key customer problems in a timely manner.

Competitive Analysis

Sagrad, Inc. can provide a detailed cost analysis and product feature comparison. Competitive analysis includes a detailed review of components selected, component size, ground rule requirements, features provided and performance expected. If two products are available key differences will be highlighted in detail.

In some cases, system performance analysis will be available. For example, in an RF link output power, noise figure, antenna analysis, operational range and multipath tolerance can be measured and compared.

Project Definition

Sagrad, Inc. can add value in the project definition stage by leveraging past experiences to help set reasonable goals at the initial stage of projects. We believe this is a very important step for project success. Sagrad, Inc. has the ability to bring insight of the entire product development cycle into the product definition stages.

Sagrad, Inc. has experience taking several products to full production in the 802.11 wireless LAN market place. Some of these products included chips and reference designs for the market leader in the 802.11a/b/g space.

System Specification

Sagrad, Inc. has experience in the complete RF system specifications. We provide RF system level requirements for the final product based on the project definition requirements. We believe the key to successful system requirements is the ability to identify the critical parameters for the entire system which are unique to the each project. Sagrad, Inc. will identify implementation impairments and advise on trade-offs between risk, performance, cost, time to market, and implementation complexity.

Sagrad, Inc. has experience with the following system requirements: 802.11a/b/g/n, IS-95, WCS and FCC Part 15.

System Architecture

Sagrad, Inc. has experience in the system architecture stage both for custom IC development as well as discrete products. Sagrad, Inc. will provide top level diagrams with descriptions of each sub circuit key requirements and explain the important parameters to be used in implementation specifications. The detailed level of this stage can vary depending on the system requirements. We have experience in detailed RF and analog design.

RF System Analysis

Sagrad Inc. will provide detailed system analysis insuring the RF system architecture will meet the system specification. Key parameters will be identified and tracked in a compliance matrix to ensure all key specifications will be met by the final design. Often there are independent simulations required for areas such as PLL, TX system and RX system. Frequently these simulations may include AGC lock levels and LNA switching points. Sagrad will sweep the power over input and output ranges and report noise, AGC range, compression point margin using the correct PAR and noise analysis. Typical, worst case, and best case analyses will be performed to insure all products will meet the specifications during a high volume production run.

We use a custom simulation tool which allows rapid analysis. If it is available to the customer, we can follow our analysis up with common tools such as HP-ADS process so that proper trades can be made at the architectural level.