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Open Source 802.11 API for modules and IC STM32+WiFi

Open Source 802.11 API for modules and IC


Sagrad,  Inc is supporting GPL licensed project with free release of the source code that will allow customers unprecedented access to the low level radio control.  This low level controlled


enables a host of new applications which have not been possible previously.  This open source project should lead to an completely open source mac, and this project is being supported by a number of large commercial companies.  For now, it instantly enables customers to implement custom protocols and applications using the low cost silicon normally used for 802.11.  This open source project allows many projects to be completed with very low cost microprocessor solutions.  Our sample code provides a simple pack transmission and reception scheme which is interoperable with other 802.11 chip sets but does not yet implement connection tracking schemes needed for standard 802.11. Our code base fits into one of the smalled STM32 micro processors.


    Resources available for review.
    The original IC source code project supported by large corporations.
    The datasheet brief for the STLC4560 is here.
    Original header file is here.
    API for header file is here.



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    This project is under active development. Please check back often for updates.


    Download Latest Now icon Sagrad_MAC GPL Source Code V this version includes IP + AP connectivity


    Sagrad_MAC GPL Source Code (596.73 kB 2008-11-18 01:10:24), this version is best for private protocol development.


    CES Demousing STM32 Eval boards icon CES Demo with STM32 (524.4 kB 2008-12-02 00:07:20)


     Based on the following modules SG901-1028 


    This project enables quick time to market for systems such as:

    1. Remote temperature sensors
    2. Wireless RS232 interface
    3. Low cost pallet tracking with crash tracking
    4. inventory tracking system
    5. medical equipment location systems
    6. remote monitoring
    7. remote camera
    8. custom VOIP applications