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World Class Licensed 802.11 Wi-Fi Software Stack

Sagrad, Inc offers direct licensing for an 802.11 Stack which has been developed over more than 10 years of development.  This software has passed qualification at many of the largest computer manufacturers as well as the biggest software producers.  This same software is currently in use by some of the largest electronicDB
companies in flagship products.


This same software is made available to customers using Sagrad modules and implementing products with the STLC4560 in them.


This solution requires 250K of host processor memory.

This code base includes both client and AP modes, and supports all encryption modes used during Wi-Fi certification (most popular modes), and via supplicates and support any encryption mode which has a supplicant available.


The software supports many of the most popular processors including low power embedded processors and those based on ARM.  See our list of support processors.


We provide pre-compiled binaries to allow customers to implement this IP into their products. We are prohibited in releasing source code to this product. If you are interested in source code see our GPL products.  Sagrad has the source code to this component and can make bug fixes and modifications for porting to new processors as well as changes to assist in hardware debug.  We are limited to only releasing binaries of this component.


We are able to provide source code to the "driver" portion of the implementation. Please see our graphics on this matter to help clarify this topic.  The driver handles all hardware interface such as SDIO configuration registers, hardware workarounds, DMA. Also the drive interfaces to the OS for memory management, thread management. Finally, the driver provides  top level interface directly into the OS. This interface looks like a network device for OS's like CE/Linux/XP.


Most all popular encryption key management systems are supported in this software stack through supplicants. This includes, Wep, WPA, WPA2, Cisco extensions, and other popular enterprise modes.


The IP primarily translates 802.3 frames into 802.11 frames, manages buffers, and management of 802.11 functions.


This software option is available in licensed form for one of the most tested longest existing software stacks in the world. This is provided free of charge, but requires a software license agreement.


Alternate code bases are available as GPL Software Stacks also work with these modules which allow customized stack modifications. This software stack is only available in binary for, but Sagrad is able to modify the source code.


Contact Sagrad about software support and our 3rd part support available world wide.


There is a binary component that must be downloaded into the module/STCL4560 at run time.  This is called the LMAC, and will be provided in binary form.


icon Sagrad Licensed Software Overview Power Point (810 kB 2008-12-03 01:34:54)

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In order to obtain the binaries and source code you must


1. Contact Sagrad, Inc and discuss your business opportunity.

2. Sign an NDA for this software

3. Sign a software licensing agreement.

4. Download the software


Documents available:

1. Driver Source Code Example (Arm- Linux unless otherwise requested)

2. UMAC API - Guide

3. UMAC binaries

4. License Agreement

5. NDA Agreement

6. Open source example