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SG923-0004 Kraken Eval Kit

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iconSG923-0004 Kraken Eval Board Datasheet (2.54 MB)

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The Kraken Eval Kit (SG923-0004) provides an easy to test interface board for the Kraken module.  This evaluation kit comes with a power supply, RS232 connections, USB connections, Ethernet connector, TTL level UART and GPIO pins all connected via the 50 pin header on the Kraken module.


The tested unit is shipped ready to run and comes up ready to connect to an access point. Configuration application notes are available, please see the Kraken product information for details.

This eval kit comes with a Kraken module with a ready to use common connector JTAG interface for easy customer debug of OS changes, drivers or complicated applications and is designed to support rapid software integration into customer products.


Kracken eval kits will be available through distribution shortly and are available through Sagrad now.  Buy Now


Customized version of this module are available for this module. Please contact Sagrad  for details.  Reference designs of this module are also available for sale.


This evaluation kit comes with the following items:

  • CD with all the Linux source (except Licensed WI-FI stack and driver). Driver available separately.
  • Kraken Module with JTAG connector (not on commercial product)
  • EVK motherboard
  • Power Supply
  • Antenna

The following interfaces are available on the EVK

  • Ethernet
  • SPI
  • GPIO
  • USB host
  • USB client
  • 2 RS232 + TTL level (Port A and Port B)
  • SD Memory
  • I2C native is NOT available (GPIO pins can be used)