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Sagrad Standard Product Line



Sagrad in addition to a strong WiFI module product line also offers the following products.


Sidewinder is a  restaurant audio system that delivers flat screen TV audio to the table in many common nationwide restaurants. This product is in use in Applebee's, 99 Restaurants, Smokey Bones and other great restaurant chains. Currently sold through preferred distribution channel here. Distribution Datasheet is available. Buy Now.


Power Amplifiers including the Boomslang Amplifier used at 2.2GHZ Projects. This product is available on request. 


Phased Arrays including the 1800 MHz Predator Phased Array & 2400MHz Predator Phased Array

This product often requires customization, which Sagrad is happy to provide.


SG901-1079 AEI Railroad Tag Reader for automatic trian manfest tracking.  Best in class range and speed.  Active Production with Monthly Shipments.  Modernized Design created in 2011. 

 icon SG901-1079 Slick Sheet (143.67 kB) Contact Sagrad for More Details

SG901-1079 Product Photo

SG901-1054 SDIO to SDIO converter



Frequency Blocker Hardware/ Concept

We have built a number versions of this type of product. Fully customized versions can not be shown here.