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Mesh Network Hardware Giveaway

Sagrad, Inc. announces a free hardware giveaway in support of mesh network research. By eliminating one of the largest costs inkingsnake.top.small testing mesh network performance, Sagrad, Inc. seeks to accelerate development of complex mesh system designs. Testing mesh network software without a large number of sensors limits the ability to take research from theory to practice. Because Sagrad, Inc.  specializes in hardware development, a ready made platform will be provided in order to contribute to this exciting new area. This project will involve three phases and include a giveaway of 100 nodes to one selected finalist for use in validating their mesh network systems.


Phase 1 Proposal Submission (Opens 06/15/2009 and closes 8/15/2009)

The duration of this first phase will be two months and will allow researchers to provide in depth proposals. Proposals are limited to 15 pages in type 12 font and will be judged on technical merit, society impact, business viability and project feasibility. Five proposals will be chosen to continue on to Phase 2. Non selected proposals may continue on into Phase 2 with the purchase of the required 10 units of hardware.

Phase 2  Initial Implementation (closes 12/15/2009)

Sagrad, Inc. will provide an initial 10 hardware units for the five selected groups to begin implementation of their mesh network plans of  Phase 1. GPL source code allowing private protocol development will be available to all groups. Open source collaboration is expected during this phase. The duration of this phase will be four months at which time a final report will be submitted detailing test results and test plans for Phase 3. A single test group will be selected to continue to the final phase. Those groups not selected from Phase 2 may continue on to the final phase with the purchase of the required 100 units of hardware.


Phase 3 Final Testing (closes 3/15/2010)

The single group selected from Phase 2 will be awarded 100 units from Sagrad, Inc. in order to provide opportunity for full testing.The duration of this phase will be four months to complete mesh networking performance. A final report will be submitted and published. Source code will be developed on GPL code and will be available for continued research. It is expected that research will continue with the donated 100 units, providing further publishing and business benefits to the finalist.





The hardware for this project will use the STM32 and Diamondback project and has the code name Kingsnake 2.  Photos of Kingsnake 1 are shown below for reference. FreeRTOS example code is available for the module interface.


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