Automatic Flight Termination

AFTS Development for Range Safety Operations

The SG901-1229 AFTU is an autonomous flight vehicle termination system designed to support the July 2017 Congressional mandate of automated range safety systems. It utilizes configurable software-based rules and data redundant GPS/IMU navigational inputs to make flight termination / destruct decisions using redundant units. It provides a lower cost, more flexible flight safety system usable at all ranges and non-range locations.

SG901-1229- AFTU

Integrated Autonomous Flight Termination Unit

The SAGRAD Inc. Integrated Autonomous Flight Termination System provides Launch Vehicle Platforms and UAVs with the ability to autonomously be terminated if the platform should stray outside the flight boundaries. The need for additional assets to carry out a launch is minimized because the Integrated IAFTU will automatically detect and terminate if the trajectory changes outside the initial launch or flight parameters. Autonomous flight termination systems previously developed had a larger overall footprint; the units were designed to utilize qualified military components that have become obsolete. SAGRAD Integrated Next-Generation AFTU supports the use of automotive-grade materials that are screened to support the military environmental requirements. Our overall footprint has been reduced by 80%, making the next generation AFTU adaptable to small launch platforms and UAVs. With an overall size of just 3 in. (L) X 3 in. (W) x 2.5 in. (H) and a total weight of < l.5lbs. makes the Next Generation AFTU suitable for a variety of applications.


Engineering Development Autonomous Flight Termination Unit

SAGRAD's SG923-0015 EDU is an AFTU used in your Systems Integration Lab (SIL) when developing your avionics mission packages. The EDU is a fit and function twin of the SAGRAD AFTU.