Integrated Autonomous Flight Termination Unit (IAFTU)

Sagrad is pleased to announce the next generation in flight termination systems is underway in our Melbourne, Florida facilities. The IAFTU will be a “game changer” for the Vertical Launch Platform (VLP) and for the captive carry weapons markets. The IAFTU system under development will be available early next year.

The IAFTU has a very small footprint, incorporates robust communications protocols, and integrates anti-jam/Y and M-Code GPS receiver. The Sagrad IAFTU will accept inputs from low drift IMU / external Inertial Navigation system. The IAFTU is being developed for weapons/UAS platforms but also has a direct application for commercial launch vehicles said John Rizzo, (Sr. V.P. Programs at Sagrad).

The Integrated Autonomous Flight Termination Unit provides autonomous decision-making capacity responsible for aborting a flight if any anomalies are identified.

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