Sagrad Inc has received a contract from STOKE Space Technologies

Sagrad has received a contact from STOKE Space Technologies, for the Sagrad Autonomous Flight Termination Unit that supports the mission assurance systems for vertical launch rocket platforms.  Sagrad is pleased to support STOKE Space Technologies in ensuring that their launch platforms will deliver a safe operational take off and add safety compliance in accordance with the U.S. Range Safety. 

The AFTU provides autonomous decision-making capacity responsible for aborting a flight if any anomalies are identified. This system is of the highest criticality and is subjected to strict certification processes.  Martha Harriman, President, said we are extremely excited to support STOKE Space Technologies with their launch vehicle mission requirements.

Sagrad provides Design and Development, Manufacturing, Test and Support to the Aerospace, Defense, Communications, Transportation and Medical markets.

For more information please contact: Sagrad Inc. (321) 726-9400 or email

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